Hockey Stick Warranty

Meraki Hockey Company takes great pride in the quality of our products and proud of our reputation.

For the standard ice hockey player, Meraki Hockey Company sticks have a one-time replacement warranty for breakage during normal use within (30) days of purchase. Meraki Hockey Company will determine if the product damage was caused by normal use and that there is no evidence of misuse, tampering, heating, abuse or deception. Normal use does NOT include breakage due to contact with other players, skates, sticks (slashing), boards, nets, use on asphalt or cement surfaces, and more; hence no replacement will be offered in those cases.

Meraki Hockey Company reserves the right to request that the stick be returned prior to replacing under warranty. 

Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Professional, semiprofessional, Junior and College/University levels are not covered under our 30-day one-time replacement program.

Please contact us directly at merakihockey@outlook.com for warranty claims.