What sets our sticks apart?

Sticks: We use the highest-grade carbon fiber sticks and offer a versatile assortment from beginner to adult. We offer size and flex combinations you won't find in any store! Our unique system called Y.D.S. aids in maximizing their passing, shooting and stick handling skills.

Exceptional customer service and product knowledge. With over 35 years of playing and coaching experience, we will take as much time needed to ensure you or your player get the right fit, recommend adjustments to elevate your play, and help guide you through hockey the best we can.

Flexible local delivery options, shipping options, and flexible pickup options as well.


The folks at Meraki Hockey Company are second to none! They are very easy to work with and know their stuff. They take the time to explain how to fit you with the proper stick, not only length, but also curve and flex. Your clapper won’t send the biscuit bar down without the correct twig!

Their sticks are great quality and can hang with the big boys! You are going to struggle to find a better price for the quality as well.

Two thumbs up for Meraki Hockey! Go check them out!

Jeff B.

I decided to save some money and purchased a stick from Mike. I learned a great deal about sticks and will never pay for name brand again. This stick is awesome! Light, great pop and overall feel is perfect. Great job.

Mark N.

Parents don't over pay for a hockey stick again. I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing my son take to the ice, stick handle and not lose the puck was amazing.  These sticks and system in my opinion are better than name brand sticks. Thank you Mike and Allison for all your help.

Robert Z.