Q: Why are your prices so low compared to all the others?  

A: We are a manufacture direct company with no middle person. Plus, we have no paid endorsements to professional hockey players. This equals large savings to you.


Q: Are you sticks the same quality of the larger name brands?

A: Yes. Our Youth (except Rookie), Junior and Intermediate sticks are higher quality because we use 18K carbon fiber versus 12K, 3K or UD. Our Senior sticks use the same materials as the high end largest name brands. We are about quality, not quantity. 


Q: Are your sticks tested and proven?

A: Yes, all of our sticks have been tested in games and received direct feedback from players and parents. This includes high level adult recreation games. Our sticks meet the highest demands.


Q: Where can you find our sticks?

A: Currently we are online and offering rink side and local home delivery or pickup options. We are working with a few sporting good shops that share the same mission in lowering costs and hope to have a selection available with them.   


Q: Can we customize the colors?

A: We offer custom color sticks and can even add team logos for a fee. Please call for details as there’s some items that can’t be changed, but we can certainly work with you to find a solution.